BILAN LIAO (廖碧籣畫舘) Artist / Author/ Educator / Speaker   
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The book Diary of the Dragon's
r includes three series
of artwork.
Painting as a
Window into Chinese History
about the five generations of
women in her family who
experienced discrimination,
abuse, and neglect,as well as
the death of her father, all told in
over forty-four paintings and
five sculptures.
Coming into
is her attempt to capture
the vastness of the landscapes
and the beauty of the Tibetan
people as depicted in twelve
paintings. The
Return series is
a compilation of seven
paintings about the impact of
war on women everywhere.
BiLan's paintings and stories are the
source of a feature film that is in
development, and a documentary feature
film that is currently in production.
Book of the Diary of the Dragon's Daughter Available at the or

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BiLan's paintings take a honest look at the political, social, and cultural issues, and explores the relationships between the personal story, Chinese history, and fine art. As an artist,
she work very hard to develop paintings that speak both to her and to others about the importance of beauty while revealing a purposeful message about humanity.
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