GA Runoff投票的方式/程序/时间

Register Deadline (注册日期截止:
Dec 7 (12月7日), 现正就可以注册!

The registration is only for new voters. For the GA runoff voter registration deadline:
Dec 7th. We can start registering voters right now!

(这次刚投完票的不要再登记,注册只是对新选民而言,想参加1月5日的runoff 投票,


提前投票: 12 月14号到1

Voting date (投票日:)
January 5 (1月5号)

Please tell your family and your friends go to vote, this runoff is so important for our
Americans democracy and our freedom.

Warnock and Ossoff Runoff 投票
请点击这个“Georgia bsentee Ballot 投票箱,来找到你的所在地
Hi, I’m [YOUR NAME]. I’m a volunteer for the and Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff for Senate
campaign. There’s another important election coming up January 5th where we get to decide the
best person to fight for us and represent Georgia in Washington.

If you have questions please call the hotline: 1888-730-5816

• Can Reverend Warnock count on your vote in the January election for US Senate?

Warnock phone banking guide, click the image enlarge
     Step one                                                         Step two                                                   Step three
   Step four                                                      Step five                                                        Step six