This suite of three paintings represents a
narrative, the theme derived from an
ancient Chinese story relating to the Chi Bi
Zhang War. In this ancient time in China,
Xiangyu, was a person of extraordinary
power, and his wife, Yuji, was one of the
most beautiful women in the ancient
world. They loved each other, and they
both were very talented poets, singers,
and musicians. The suite asks the
question, "Will he return?"

Although Xiangyu had always won in war,
finally however, he made a mistake, and he
lost. As a result, he killed himself with his
sword.  His wife followed him in suicidal

The painting is a true love story set in the
present, about a woman's longing for the
return of her fiancé.  She misses and
worries about her fiancé very much,
because he is a soldier in Iraq.  She is
waiting for her fiancé to come back from
the Middle East, and anticipates their
wedding. She writes month after month,
now becoming year after year . . . .  The
painting is showing the woman's sense of
"Waiting for his return."
Women Suffering in the War
- A series of seven painting
 BILAN LIAO (廖碧籣畫舘) Artist / Author/ Educator / Speaker
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